the plug medical group Delivered to You Medical Cannabis

What We Do

The Plug Medical Group founded in 2023, is a specialist pain clinic providing patients with access to medical cannabis prescriptions in the United Kingdom.

We specialise in patients suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, and a range of other health conditions. The Plug Medical Group aims to provide relief and improved quality of life to those who have long sought alternative solutions to their ailments.

The Plug Medical Group Specialises in Medical Cannabis


The Plug Medical Group provides top-tier medical cannabis clinic services, governed by CQC regulations and led by esteemed specialists. As our patient, your treatment with medicinal cannabis is closely supervised to ensure your well-being and safety.

medical cannabis formulation

Our approach involves the use of scientifically chosen medicinal cannabis formulations optimised for the greatest potential in managing your conditions.

medical cannabis supply

We guarantee the availability of the medicinal cannabis we prescribe, sourced from an indoor UK facility. This ensures both supply and quality, produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions.

The Plug Medical Group offers nationwide access to specialist doctors at your convenience through our telemedicine service.

Distinct from other clinics, we support the integration of our treatments with your existing primary care needs, without urging you to cease any current treatments. Our goal is to collaborate closely with all healthcare providers involved in your care, ensuring a cohesive approach to your treatment plan.

Our Medical Specialists


Dr. Elie Okirie


General Practitioner

Dr. Andrew Wallis


Clinic Manager

Chanelle Smith