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Cannabis treatment tailored to address patient needs.

Why choose The Plug Medical Group?

We offer a swift pathway to premier medical cannabis care facilitated by the nation's top specialists.

The Plug Medical Clinic specialises in exploring optimal strategies for integrating medicinal cannabis with existing treatments to assist individuals in managing their conditions.

Whether you’re beginning your path towards regaining balance in your life or are approaching the final stages of your recovery, we’re dedicated to assisting you.

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London Medicinal Cannabis Clinic

Quality and Safety

We are convinced that individuals facing various medical conditions could greatly benefit from straightforward medical cannabis treatments, a stance strongly backed by research. A key aspect of our mission is to discover the most effective real-world applications of these treatments, with all our patients participating in ongoing studies.

We advocate for the integration of our treatments with existing therapies, without urging patients to discontinue their current regimens. Our approach is to complement standard therapies across a range of medical issues, ensuring we collaborate closely with other healthcare providers involved in our patients’ care.

The Plug Medical Group is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our patients by leveraging the expertise of top physicians from our network of cannabis clinics, guaranteeing access to the finest treatments for select medical conditions.

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To determine if you are eligible to attend a medical cannabis clinic for treatment, click the become a patient button below.

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How much does Medical Cannabis cost?

Due to its complexity, determining a precise cost for medical cannabis can be challenging. This complexity stems from various factors such as limited product availability in the UK, individualised dosage requirements, and the high cost of specialist consultations. Many clinics may advertise a significantly lower average cost to attract patients for a consultation, only for these patients to later find themselves facing monthly expenses for cannabis medication in the thousands.

The Plug Medical Group offers a premier pathway to medical cannabis, setting us apart with the highest quality medical cannabis available in the UK.

How to become a Patient?

Medical Cannabis Clinic
Step 1 - Medical Information
Provide Medical Information
The first step in our patient onboarding journey is to provide further details about your medical condition to check your eligibility for medicinal cannabis treatment. You can do this by clicking the 'Become a Patient' button linked below.

You will be required to submit a copy of your medical information. Please have the following documents available ready to be uploaded:

  • Scan of photographic ID document (passport or driving licence).
  • A GP summary of your medical record.
  • 1
    Step 1 - Medical Information
    Medical Cannabis Clinic
    MDT Doctors Meeting
    Step 2 - MDT Meeting
    Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting
    Once you have registered your interest and provided your medical summary, the next step in your onboarding journey is to have this information reviewed at our next Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting.

    Our Multi-Disciplinary Team consists of several health care professionals who will determine if you are eligible for treatment using medicinal cannabis.

    Once your case has been evaluated and the team have agreed you are eligible, you will then be invited to proceed to the next step.
    Step 2 - MDT Meeting
    MDT Doctors Meeting
    book cannabis appointment
    Step 3 - Book Consultation
    Book Initial Consultation
    Following the MDT meeting, if you are eligible for treatment using medicinal cannabis you will be invited to book your initial consultation with a specialist doctor.

    Upon booking your initial consultation with us, you will be asked to pay the cost of your consultation.

    Once you have booked your consultation, you will receive a Video call link that will connect you directly with your consultant doctor on the day and time specified during the booking process.
    Step 3 - Book Consultation
    book cannabis appointment
    Step 4 - Initial Consultation
    Initial Consultation
    On the date and time specified in your booking, you will be connected to the consultant doctor via a video meeting link provided to you by email.

    During your initial consultation, the doctor will evaluate your case in more detail and ensure that you are eligible for medical cannabis treatment. At this stage, the doctor will also ask for your consent to treatment and get you to electronically sign a consent form.

    Towards the end of the consultation, you and your consultant doctor will make a decision whether to move forward with treatment, at which point a clinical letter will be generated and a prescription for medicinal cannabis will be written and forwarded to the pharmacy.
    Step 4 - Initial Consultation
    prescription cannabis
    Step 5 - Receive Medication
    Receive Medication
    Following your consultation and the issuing of your prescription, you will be contacted by the pharmacy to arrange a suitable delivery date for your prescription cannabis.
    Step 5 - Receive Medication
    prescription cannabis
    Step 6 - Quarterly Review
    Quarterly Review Appointment
    Every quarter you will be prompted by email, text message or a phone call with one of our nurses to book a quarterly review appointment with your doctor. This meeting will be carried out using video consultation technology.

    The purpose of a review appointment is to discuss your treatment, its effectiveness and for the doctor to make any dosage changes as necessary as part of your ongoing treatment plan. If you feel the need to change your treatment early, please contact your nurse and we will arrange a further consultation with your doctor.
    Step 6 - Quarterly Review

    Our Medical Specialists



    Dr. Andrew Wallis

    Qualifying from University College London in 1991 Andrew has worked in several hospitals around the Midlands. His interests include the treatment and management of long term pain and the role of various treatment options to minimise the use of strong opiates and their inherent side effects.

    Dr Elie Okirie

    Specialist Consultant

    Dr. Elie Okirie

    A specialist consultant in neurological and specialist rehabilitation with a huge amount of experience developing bespoke chronic pain treatment plans for the most complicated cases. A prominent leader in the medical cannabis industry treating brain and spinal cord injuries.

    Becoming a Patient at a Medical Cannabis Clinic

    To determine if you are eligible to attend a clinic for treatment we will need further information. This information will be passed on for review by our multi-disciplinary team consisting of health care professionals with different specialist backgrounds.

    Consent Form


    76 Harley Street, London W1G 7HH e: info@lvlhealth.co.uk t: + 44 (0)333 366 1033 

    Principle Clinician (Pain Specialist): 

    Clinical Service Operator: 

    Clinic Address: 

    Doctor Statement 

    I confirm I am a healthcare professional with an appropriate knowledge of the proposed treatment, as specified in the Consent Policy. I have verbally explained the treatment in detail and accompanying written information is to be shared with the patient.  

    I have discussed:  

      1. The intended benefits of the treatment, which are to relieve chronic pain and improve quality of life. 
      2. The possible risks involved 
        (all precautions are taken to ensure any risks are minimised, however all procedures carry some risk and I have set out below any significant, unavoidable, or frequently occurring risks.) 
        Possible side effects of the treatment can include: Difficulty concentrating, Drowsiness and lethargy, Loss of balance, Memory loss, Gastrointestinal effects such as nausea or diarrhoea, Dry mouth, Anxiety (reported in THC only formulations), Psychosis (reported in THC only formulations) 
      3. what the treatment is likely to involve, the benefits and risks of alternative treatment (including no treatment) and any concerns expressed by the patient.  



    (Health Care professional) 
    GMC Number

    Contact information 

    If you have any questions or concerns during your treatment or following it, please contact us: 


    Telephone: +44 (0)333 366 1033 


    Consent of patient 

    Please read the following statements about your consent to take part in this clinical service. to take part, you must confirm your consent for all points (1-12 inclusive) 

        1. After contacting LVL Health and reviewing information around the clinical service offering in relation to the unlicensed medical cannabis treatment on offer I consent to attend this clinic to access the medical cannabis treatment on offer and the clinical oversight provided by the clinic’s Specialist doctors. 
        2. I confirm that I have signed previously another informed consent form entitled Diagnostic Consent Form, in which I agreed to provide a urine sample for a cannabis screening test and a urine sample for a pregnancy test (if appropriate) and a saliva sample for a genetic test, and to have my data collected for clinical oversight and for service evaluation purposes during my treatment at the clinic. 
        3. I understand that being a patient is voluntary, and that I am free to leave at any time without giving a reason, and without my medical care or legal rights being affected. 
        4. I understand that medical cannabis has side effects and can limit my ability to drive a car or operate machinery and that I must adhere to the DVLA advice as described in the Patient Information Sheet. 
        5. I understand that relevant sections of my medical notes and data collected may be looked at by individuals from the clinic, from LVL Health, independent auditors, its representatives, consultants, contractors, regulatory authorities where it is relevant to me being a patient at the clinic. By signing this consent form, I give permission for these parties to access my medical records held at LVL Health. 
        6. I understand that data protection laws differ in non-UK countries and if I do not want my anonymised data to be sent outside of the UK, I will not be able to become a patient of the clinic. I agree that my samples and anonymised data can be sent outside of the UK. 
        7. I assign all rights related data and materials I provide to the clinic and LVL Health, and acknowledge that LVL Health will own such materials and the rights to them. 
        8. I confirm that the risks, benefits, and alternatives of this treatment have been discussed with me and my questions have been answered to my satisfaction and understanding. 
        9. I understand that for the duration of this treatment it is my responsibility to ensure that the results of blood tests and other investigations are transmitted to LVL Heath in a timely fashion. 
        10. I confirm that I am willing to receive unencrypted emails/texts/phone calls related to my treatment. 
        11. I understand that written correspondence following appointments with a doctor will be sent to me via email and/or uploaded to a Patient Portal. I understand that the clinic and LVL Health recommend that these clinic letters and notes are shared with my GP. 
        12. I have read and understood the Patient Information Sheet, the above information, and the Privacy Policy. I agree to this treatment and the use of my data in accordance with the Privacy Policy